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Sun damage is the leading cause of cancer in New Zealand. Don`t underestimate the damage the sun can cause. 

Dr Patti Piper has completed a Diploma in Dermoscopy and is an Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor through the Skin Cancer College Australasia. Dr Piper provides full body skin checks to both registered and casual patients and mole removal surgery.

Here are the facts about sun damage:

  • The SUN is the cause of 99% of non-melanoma skin cancer and up to 70% of melanoma skin cancer.
  • Skin cancer is the most common cancer in NZ.
  • The SUN is the cause of premature aging of our skin
  • The SUN damages unprotected skin throughout the entire day, regardless if weather, every day of the year and even while driving.
  • These are the reasons why we should apply a good sunscreen to exposed skin every single dar before 


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