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The Manage My Health Patient Portal is now FREE for all patients!

Listed below are the key benefits to using Manage My Health;

  • Convenience - use ManageMyHealth™ services such as booking online appointments, secure messaging, viewing lab results, and ordering repeat prescriptions.

  • Access and control your health information within your secure Personal Health Account.

  • Improve health outcomes by sharing your health information with healthcare providers and important individuals in your life.

  • Stay on track of your health with health related reminders e.g. recalls.

  • Up to date and relevant health content which relates to your condition and concerns such as medical research, newsletters, open forums, health categories

  • Empowerment - giving you an active role through communication tools and access to your health information in decisions relating to your health and wellbeing.

  • Peace of mind if you require emergency medical assistance, important medical information is accessible to emergency providers.

Manage My Health is easy to use, and there is an App for your phone which means you can access the portal anytime, anywhere.

Email reception to sign up to Manage My Health. reception@sunsetrfd.co.nz 

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