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IUD insertions are performed here at SRFD by Dr Nicola Roberts.

The Intra Uterine Device ( IUD ) is a type of long-acting reversible contraception. It is a small, T-shaped object that goes inside your uterus to prevent pregnancy.

When can i get my IUD put in?

An IUD can be put in at any time you choose. Some good times to get it put in are;

  • While you have your period or just after
  • 6 weeks after your baby is born
  • At the time of a surgical abortion
  • As emergency contraception after unprotected sex (Copper IUD)

Process for IUD insertions

1. Pre insertion appointment with one of the GP`s, standard consultation charge.

2. IUD insertion appointment $200.

3. 6 week checkup- done by Nurse. Charge included in $200 insertion fee. 

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