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We are thrilled to have just received our Cornerstone accreditation for a further four years! 

Our practice undertook our First Cornerstone accreditation in May 2014. In May 2018, we were due for our renewal. There is a lot of hard work and dedication involved in the process of Cornerstone so it is a great achievement to have been accredited for a further four years, until 2022. 

Cornerstone is an accreditation programme that assesses practices using the Aiming for excellence standard.

Benefits of Cornerstone

  • Contributes to safer care and a better experience for patients
  • Demonstrates a commitment to ongoing quality improvement
  • Enhances teamwork in the practice
  • Enhances clinical processes
  • Contributes to continuing professional development

Practices that have successfully completed CORNERSTONE maintain accreditation by undertaking an annual programme. This process is like continuing professional development, where certain criteria must be met every year during a four- year cycle to maintain professional standards.



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