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The Patient Portal called ManageMyHealth™ is a secure website which receives an individual’s personal health information uploaded from Sunset Road Family Doctors’ practice management software used by our GPs and nurses.

It can also be used to store other health-related information which may not be recorded, such as other treatments you have received, or other medications that you may be taking.

The ManageMyHealth™ website has a number of other features, including health related news, community forums and access to wellness initiatives. Over time, there will be more features available within the site providing users with an online health resource to assist in the management of both your own, and your family’s healthcare and wellbeing.

The Patient Portal give you:

  • The freedom to manage your health needs, anytime, anywhere.
  • Secure Email to the Sunset Family Doctors team of nurses.
  • Book your Doctors appointment online.
  • The ability to Request Repeat Prescriptions, long term drugs that you have been prescribed.
  • Access to your Lab results, once the doctors have reviewed your results.
  • Access to your recalls, for future appointments your doctor has asked you to come in for. For example: Repeat Blood Tests, Smears, CVD risk assessments and Immunisations.
  • Access to Records of immunisations you have received.
  • Access to Recorded Allergies that you have been diagnosed with.
  • The freedom to manage the care of your children under 16 years old and your elderly relatives with their consent. 

If you are interested in joining the Patient Portal please contact reception:




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