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Sunset Road Family Doctors were selected to be one of three practices on the North Shore who are able to provide Immigration Medicals for New Zealand.  You are only able to have your Immigration Medical completed by an INZ Panel Physician. 

We offer a timely service, which includes your complete eMedical process completed in one convenient location. The fee we charge is inclusive of the following;

  • Photograph and administration time for processing eMedical
  • Blood tests 
  • Nurse consultation
  • Doctor consultation
  • Reviewing results and submission to INZ

The chest xray is completed at Mercy Radiology, which is located just across the road. Their charge is separate to our practice. Please look at the fee`s tab for detailed pricing. 

We have Chinese ,Indian and European GP`s available. If you do not speak clear English, you will need to book an interpreter. 

You will need to allow up to 5 days for processing your medical. As we need to wait to receive your blood test results and Xray. Please note that if there are abnormalities detected, this process can be delayed.

The cost of the eMedical does not include any treatment or followup`s for abnormalities that may be found. If there are abnormalities found, you are able to see one of our other GP`s at the practice who have not completed your medical. You are unable to see the GP who completed your medical due to a conflict of interest, these requirements are set by INZ. The charge is $95.

Before your appointment, please ensure you do the following;

  • Bring your original passport (the eMedical is unable to be started without the original passport). If your passport is with Immigration NZ, you will need to request this back from them. 
  • Eat breakfast and drink plenty of water
  • If possible, a list of your current medications.
  • Organise an interpreter if you have limited English

Phone one of our lovely receptionists today to make an appointment for your eMedical.

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